Mini Haas Haas- Kuje Bear

Back side of Silverton MountainWe went and visited Kujo up at Mini Haas Haas today. This is one of the locations we spread ashes and buried a pelican case full of pictures that we write notes on each time we visit. I miss Kujo and Krista so much every day. I think of them both a lot together. Kujo was just a baby when Krista got sick and she would visit with me for days/hours at a time and just lay by the couch with Krista. I like to think they are together searching for pow and taking care of each other. Regardless I know there is no where on earth I’d rather be than right here right now. Life is short, and we need to constantly be reminded to take care of ourselves and each other and SMILE. Pain is inevitable, misery is optional.


1 thought on “Mini Haas Haas- Kuje Bear

  1. Dear Erin and Alexander,
    The terrible pain and the feeling of loss that you feel will lessen with time but the ache will always remain.
    Kujo was so loved by you both and in return she was your faithful companion who shared so many happy moments with you.
    She was a very special “puppy” and will never be forgotten.
    Kujo will remain a part of your lives,” Forever and a Day.”

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