Kaya new bed

Whoops. Bodie even likes to share his new bed with baby sis. Lol.



Best friends

We were pretty sure Bodie and Kaya would be fast friends but the level of cute’ness truly is remarkable. The bond was almost instant and they are best friends– playing and sharing everything. Bodie is going to be quite the ‘big brother’.


My cup it run’eth over

We received a phone call from Jonell saying a group of friends/guests had come together on a very special gift for our wedding but she needed my final blessing. I asked if the gift had a heart beat and she said yes. Alex and I both got quite choked up on the phone and she said I take it that is a yes and said good because puppy will be here in 7 days.

Kaya accompanied her brother Gus who now also has a home with Jonell and his new sisters and brothers, Iaasc, Oscar, Kuma and Greta.